Improve your Thyroid Health

Free Training

This introductory training will help you to understand how you can begin to improve your thyroid health by addressing both the biological and psychological stresses and traumas through the Introduction to the 8 Milestones.

In addition, you will receive your special access link, direct to my website which will link you to replays of the Lifestyle Medicine Summit Presentation. You can watch this replay for free, or even download it. The Lifestyle Medicine Summit Presentation provides an initial look at the following 3 key areas:

  • The Mind-Body-Social Connection
  • Getting to the Root Cause of your Thyroid dysfunction
  • Tools & Techniques to enable Self-Recovery

You will also recieve your special access link to my heartmath video. Which is great tool to begin to practice a conscious way to address the hormonal and chemical rebalance of the body. An essential part of lifestyle prctice that can help reduce the impact of biological and emotional stress.

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The Thyroid Detective

Looking at Primary Thyroid Dysfunctions and the ROOT CAUSES of these within the context of the Mind-Body Connection.

The Butterfly Wings Program  

A Complete Self-Help Program to understanding & working on your own thyroid issues. 

Using the Emotional & Energy Techniques that I used.

Professional Training Qualifications 

Increase your skills & qualify as a practitioner. 

Helping yourself and others on their own journey of self-recovery.

Improve your Thyroid Health Part 1

A introduction to using the 8 Meta Health Milestones.

A FREE Training for Lifestyle Medicine Summit Subscribers.

Learn Then Do Method

The Free Introductory Course 'An Introduction to the 8 Milestones' is part of the Thyroid Detecitve Series - which looks at the Primary causes of Thyroid disease in relation to the mind-body-social aspect of health. It looks at the Root causes of thyroid issues and explores limiting beliefs, emotions and past traumas to identify your specific 'stressors'. This enables you to be specific about making the mind-body-social changes that affect your overal health and well-being. 

'An Introductio to the 8 Milestones' is a TEMTTA course, which is supported on the interactive DQM Training Platform. TEMTTA is a new Acadamey platform that is designed to support therapists and trainers to uphold and qualify the learning of each of their courses. Because of this aspect of the TEMTTA courses, you will receive a certificate when yu complete 100% of the course and a final quiz. However, completing all parts of the course and the quiz is optional, and the videos and information contained can be used independently. 

The interactive course is presented in bite sized pieces, allowing the learner to work through each unit at their own pace, even if only having a short 3-5 minute break available. There is a choice to watch the videos or the presentation and attempt the questions and exercises for each module, in any order. Equally, if you only want to watch the videos, and not attempt the questions or quizes to receive your certificate of completion, you can simply chose to build your understanding and know-how through the theoretical understanding in the area of the Mind-Body-Emotional connections to your health & well-being. 

Combined with personal or professional training in the practical application of the emotional and energy methodologies I used to assist transformational change on a deep level, this mind-body-social understanding is part of an holistic and unified approach to health. 

Improve Your Thyroid Health: Part 1

This FREE Training will give you abetter understanding of the 8 Milestones that make up the Mind-Body-Social connection. It underpins and gives practical tips and examples of some of the lifestyle & stress 'themes' that affect thyroid function.

Videos Included:

  • The 8 Milestones of Meta Health - an introduction
  • 8 Videos covering all of the milestones
  • Part of a 13 Module Course which makes up 'The Power Hour' as part of the 'Butterfly Wings' 6 Month Program

Professional Training Qualifications

Joining our training site and receive notifications of all new therapy tools and techniques as they go live on our training site.

Benefits Included:

  • Learn Tools & Techniques to use on your own or with your family
  • Take Optional Certifications if you want to take your learning to the next level and become a practitioner
  • Learn at your own pace in bite sized pieces